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2022 Magnum
Run, Baby, Run
Melvin Muchado
Navy CIS
Peter Walker
2021 Lucifer
Pin the Tail on the Daddy
2020 The Rookie
- Under the Gun
Deputy Sharp
2019 Blood Type James Tyder
Sons of Thunder
- 5 Folgen
Angie D.
American Horro Story
Camp Redwood
Deadwood - der Film Deacrest
2017 Family Guy Patrick Swayze (Voice)
Decker General Coover
General Hospital  3 Folgen Buzz
2016 Longmire Jim Mackey
2015 The Night Crew Big Willy
Fragments from Olympus: The Vision of Nikola Tesla
Iniquitous John Duncan
2014 Nellie Mr. Townsend
Sons of Anarchy
- The Separation of Crows
Carl Egan
Blood Type
- A Rare and Precious Commodity
James Ryder
The Appearing Sheriff Hendricks
2013 The Bridge - America
- Take the Ride, Pay the Toll
- Old Friends
- Vendetta
- ID
Tampa Tim
Hawaii Five-0
- Ho'opio
Lloyd Grimes
- Under the Big Top
Gus Jameson
2012 Dark Canyon
(To Kill A Memory)
Chale Lord
Heathens & Thieves 
here is the footage
Col. Sherman Rutherford
  Lizzie     Daniel Allen
Wilfried (TV)
- Letting Go
Shady Guy
Miss Feet Jesus
Days of our Life
- #1.11545
- #1.11544
Pan Broker
2010 Passenger
2 Episodes
Agent Kylek 
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
- The Gang Bays a Boat
Young and the Restless 
5 Episodes
Shaw Roberts
True Blood 
6 episodes
  True Blood Werewolf/Gus
2009 Family Guy   Patrick Swayze (Voice)
Quit   Ward


Powder Blue    

Powder Blue



"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"                 .... 
  - The Theory of Everything 

CSI Las Vegas                        

- Vulkanier in Las Vegas?

Dave Bohr 


Prairie Fever (V)   




The Colony   


State Dept. Official #1 


"Cold Case"   
- Shuffle, Ball Change 

Cold Case                                                            - Vater und Sohn

Grant Hall 


"Criminal Minds"  
- Revelations 
- The Big Game 


                                                                       Man in Black                                              Raphael / Man in Black


Mystery Woman: In the Shadows 




"Shark"                                       - Déjà Vu All Over Again


Beau Dawkins 


"My Name Is Earl" .... 
- The Bounty Hunter 


Bail Bonds Man 

  The Visitation   Abe 
  The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold  Liebe und Eis 2 Obnoxious Guy 
2005 "Without a Trace" 
- Lost Time 
  Randy Stone
- Little Box of Horrors 
  Waterborne   Otis 
  "Carnivàle" ....  / ... (6 episodes, 2003-2005)
- New Canaan, CA (2005) 
- Alamogordo, N.M. (2005)
- Los Moscos (2005) 
- Hot and Bothered (2003) 
- Insomnia (2003) 
  Tattooed Man
  "CSI: Miami"
- Nothing to Lose 
  Norm Buford 
  "Love, Inc."
- Major Dad 
2004 "Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service" 
- Vanished (2004) 
  Logan Clay 
  Knuckle Sandwich    Larry 
  "Karen Sisco" 
- No One's Girl 
  "The Division" 
- It's the Real Thing (2004)
- High on the Hog (2001) 
                                                                        Gary Gold                                                      Elvin 'Tupelo' Seaforth
2003 "Tremors" 
- Water Hazard 
  Orville James
... aka Lady Jayne: Killer (USA: DVD title) 
2002 "V.I.P." .... 
- Kiss the Val (2002)
- For Val's Eyes Only (2000) 
Die Bodyguards Merrick 
  "The X Files" 
- Hellbound 
Häutungen Terry Pruit 
1998 The Prophet's Game
- Do the Right Thing 
  Joseph Highsmith 
  "The Magnificent Seven" 
- Inmate 78 
  Gage Lawless 
  Evasive Action    Ian Kellen 
  "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction" 
- Anatol (????) 
William Pope
1996 Squanderers 
... aka Money to Burn 
1995 "Land's End" 
- A Line in the Sand
Land's End - Ein heißes Team für Mexiko Thomas Dwayne Boller
  "Walker, Texas Ranger" 
- The Guardians 
  Harry Peterson
  Digital Man    Billy 
  "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" .... 
- Tempus Fugitive 
  Jesse James 
  "NYPD Blue" .... 
- Vishy-Vashy-Vinny 
- In the Butt, Bob 
  A Father for Charlie In der Hitze des Südens Reuben Cantwell 
1994 Pontiac Moon  Der Traum von Apollo XI Local 
  Sexual Malice    Curran 
1993 Beach Babes from Beyond    Gork 
  Beyond Suspicion 
... aka Appointment for a Killing 
Verabredung mit einem Killer Duke 
  "Murder, She Wrote" ....
- Bloodlines (1993) 
- Tainted Lady (1991) 
Mord ist ihr Hobby                                                                        Gus Tardio                                                    Edge Potter
- White Picket Fences  
- Lyon's Roar  
Renegade - Gnadenlose Jagd                                                                       John Poe                                                       Chee
  Body of Influence  Die dunkle Macht der Leidenschaft Biker 
  Forced to Kill    Dwayne 
  Death Ring     John Blackwell 
  Broken Trust    Sgt. Barnes 
  Eye of the Stranger    Rudy 
1992 Columbo: No Time to Die    
1991 Edge of Honor (   Ritchie 
- The Vandals 
  Pete Brown
1990 The World According to Straw   Abalone 
  Driving    Nelson 
  Payback    Jeremy 
1989 "Hunter" 
- On Air 
- The Thoroughbred 
  Tommy Jenks 
- A House Divided 
  Trapper County War   Walt Luddigger 
1988 The Tracker     Brewer 
  Alamo: The Price of Freedom    James Bonham 
1987 Shy People    Mark 
  W.A.R.: Women Against Rape    Andy 
1986 "L.A. Law" 
- Pilot .. 
  William Dollar
  "The Fall Guy"
- War on Wheels 
  Prince of Bel Air    Darryl 
1985 J.O.E. and the Colonel    Max Carney 
  "Street Hawk" 
- Follow the Yellow Gold Road 
  "Tall Tales and Legends"
- My Darlin' Clementine 
1984 I Married a Centerfold    Actor #2 
1983 "Days of Our Lives"
- Episode #1.4528
1998 Letters from a Killer    stunds
1997 Most Wanted   stunds
  sich selber    
  "Movie Stars" .... Himself 
- He's Reese. He's Here. Get Used to It. (2000) 
- Who's on First? (2000) 
- No Justice, No Piece (2000) 
- The Two Faces of Steve (2000) 
- Bittersweet Seventeen (1999) 
  "The Howard Stern Radio Show" 
- Episode dated 8 May 1999 (1999) 
  Archive Footage:    
1994 "Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater"    Biker 
1991 "Matlock" 
- The Man of the Year 
  Tommy Jenk
  Donny in Interviews      
2011 Dirty Dancing - Fluch des Erfolges aired  22.09.2011
2009 Larry King Show aired 18.11.2009 You find here the whole interview with Donny and Lisa.   

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